Art of Insurance

Who are we?

Passionate about fine art we dedicated our lives to understanding this unique market and providing specialist insurance solutions for every possible peril. At Art Of Insurance we make sure your fine art is well insured so you could enjoy it with peace of mind.

Art Of Insurance is the representative, for Luxemburg, of the insurer Hiscox. Hiscox is a British insurer which has successfully built a strong brand reputation amongst demanding high-net-worth individuals insuring their household, fine art and classic cars. Art Of Insurance is able to offer you this unique all risk insurance solution for your own personal net worth.

Why Art Of Insurance?

We conduct our professional activities according to the ethical code, current laws and regulations, and with the best interest of the costumer at heart. The relationship between the customer and Art Of Insurance is based on trust.

There is a reasonable chance you are the proud owner of fine art or jewellery which you treasure for good reasons, but have you ever wondered whether those precious items are well insured? Your current household insurance policy probably only covers named perils such as fire and water damage, however is that enough when insuring your personal belongings? We insure your lifelong earned net wealth properly. Not only do we cover the named perils but we insure all risks. We will for example cover accidental damage, loss or disappearance of an object, and we insure it worldwide. Last but not least we will indemnify the losses for your listed items in agreed value, this means that you will be indemnified the exact amount we agreed upon when underwriting the policy. We advise you to list all items which are out of the ordinary from fine art to jewellery.

Our products

Which items can be insured ?

We insure everything that is collectible such as :
- fine art : paintings, antique or designer furniture
- breakables : china, crystal
- silver
- musical instruments
- rugs
- wine cellars
- classic cars as from 15 years of age

We also insure your main residence as well as your holiday home abroad providing you the all risk insurance solution you need.

Our partner

Hiscox’ philosophy : integrity – creativity – efficiency

Integrity : To Hiscox it is more important to know who the insured is rather than what the insured items are. An insurance policy of Hiscox is based on mutual trust. Trust is essential and the basis of a long-term relationship.

Creativity : Hiscox is an insurance company that is different from most other insurance companies. Its values make that Hiscox will provide tailor made specialist insurance solutions where it matters and where other insurers fall short.

Efficiency : Hiscox is not only differentiating on general terms and conditions, they can be copied, but also and more importantly on their claims handling philosophy and their philosophy as a whole. Providing excellent and world class service when clients suffered from a claim is what Hiscox stands for. Many insurers have copied their general terms and conditions but none of them ever succeeded in building the Hiscox culture, as it not something which can be established over short period of time but over many decades of experience.

At Art Of Insurance we share these unique values and we will even further enhance the superb customer experience you are entitled to as you are at the centre of everything we do.

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Managing Director

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